The Process

Here at EcoLog we offer a flexible and cooperative way to get your dream cottage or year-round home from your imagination to reality.

The process starts with a basic understanding and clarification of your needs – number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, porch(es) etc. We will sit down with you and spend the time necessary to get this important stage just right. Consultations with EcoLog staff are always free of charge, and we can help direct you to other services you may require for your project such as excavation contractors, builders, door and window suppliers etc.

Sample plan detail for Ecolog HomeOnce a basic style is agreed upon and rough floor plans arrived at, the design work is handed over to a Registered Designer (as required by the Building Code) who will produce preliminary drawings based on our earlier rough plans. You will then have an opportunity to make any changes you want at no cost and also talk directly with our professional designer to fine-tune some features if necessary. After you have approved these preliminary drawings the next stage is the final drawings. These are the highly-detailed construction drawings of the entire structure from foundation to roof peak which you will need for your building permits and your contractors to work from. These drawings will carry an engineer’s “seal” as each design is unique and must pass inspection by a professional engineer before any permits can be issued. 

As soon as the final drawings are completed, and while your municipal building department is working on issuing the permits, our sawmill will be cutting and “jigging” your logs so that they will be ready to deliver by the time your permits are issued and your foundation and subfloor are installed and ready.

EcoLog staff are ready to assist at any stage of the process with advice and support, before, during and after the build.