Testimonials - What Clients Say


Below is some feedback from clients about their EcoLog homes:

“We liked pretty much everything about the company.....the idea of sustainable forestry, and the style of the logs contrasted with the white chinking were selling features.  We liked the package price based on square footage of the home and how it was pretty laid back when we visited with you as far as what was included.”

"We contacted EcoLog and were treated fairly and honestly and never once felt lost in the sometimes overwhelming and confusing process of home design and build. Eighteen months later we have a beautiful northern getaway that will be enjoyed by family and friends for years to come."

"EcoLog has allowed us to custom design a beautiful cottage that blends in nicely with the surrounding terrain. While not everyone would or should self build as I did, the end product is a warm, solid home that provides a unique base to enjoy the water and forest with the wildlife right outside our door."

... the warmth of the wood throughout all of the seasons is what has impressed us and everyone who visits the most. Most peoples' favourite expression when they first walk in, no matter what time of year it is, 'this place simply seems to wrap itself around you'."

"I love that EcoLog uses logs from a forest recognized for its sustainability practices. Choosing EcoLog also offered the design flexibility of a custom home but at an affordable price."