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EcoLog Homes:
A New, Yet Old, Way to Build Sustainably

EcoLog Homes, located in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario, manufactures log home kits from large timbers manufactured from the long-lived, long-lasting, and revered Eastern hemlock tree.

The majority of our timber is recovered from the privately owned but publicly accessible Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd., which is widely recognized as the first sustainable forest in Canada.

Nothing can compare to the warm ambience and enduring quality of a log home. EcoLog Homes combines traditional design features with simple, yet state-of-the-art, assembly techniques. Our homes boast steep pitched roofs, spacious lofts, and heavy timber construction, which meet modern engineering as well as energy requirements.

Furthermore, EcoLog Homes are among the most affordable log homes kits in Ontario, as we are committed to sharing with our customers the benefits of the efficiency and simplicity of our manufacturing process.

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Why EcoLog?

Rural Jobs

EcoLog kits mainly use Eastern hemlock from Haliburton Forest, a 100,000-acre sustainable forest. Haliburton Forest owns and operates three sawmills, and it is the single largest employer in Haliburton County. This means that when you buy an EcoLog kit, you are buying locally grown and locally-manufactured wood, supporting local jobs and the local environment.

With Hemlock

Wood has natural insulating properties, and Eastern hemlock is superior to most species. Wood is twelve times more insulating than concrete, and it is much less heat conductive than any metal and many synthetic materials as well. Log homes stay cool in the summer heat and cozy in winter due not just to the insulating qualities of the logs but also the effect of thermal mass storage.

For Generations

Properly designed and constructed log homes will outlive many types of structure – there are many examples around the world of such buildings exceeding 200 or even 300 years old. Our customers have found that EcoLog kits are popular on the real estate market, holding their value and out-performing conventional cottages and homes when resold or retained for the next generation.

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Roots in pioneer construction techniques

Square Timbers

Easier construction over round logs


Unpretentious and full of charm

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The EcoLog Advantage

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Solid walls are constructed from 8" by 8” timbers. Square timbers are much easier to produce and work with. EcoLog Homes shares the efficiency of its manufacturing process with its customers, thereby making our log home kits the most affordable in Ontario.

EcoLog Design

Many home building kit alternatives are predefined and restrictive. Customers are charged extra for every change they want to make and are granted only limited flexibility in choosing the location or size of windows, doors, walls, or lofts.

EcoLog Homes are different. We provide our customers with the flexibility to design their home to best fits their needs. Our framework allows customization, within some key parameters to allow for efficient production and construction.


Outside walls are made of 11 rows of square 8" by 8" timbers, with 2" rigid foam insulation and chinking between each course of timbers, resulting in 9' high walls on the main floor.

The standard width of an EcoLog Homes structure is 24’. The length can be varied in 4' increments. The basic rectangles are between 24' and 72' long. In combination, these rectangles can be added together to form compound wing, L-shaped, or T-shaped buildings.


Most EcoLog Homes have one or more dormers, which can be included in each design. These not only add appeal, but also allow better use of loft space. Our very popular 8' wide dormer, for instance, is large enough for a full bathroom.

The EcoLog Homes roof system is designed at a 45 degree angle (i.e. 12 / 12 pitch) and constructed from heavy-duty 4" by 10" Eastern hemlock timber.

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The Process

Once a basic style and rough floor plans are agreed upon with the customer, the design work is handed over to a professional designer, who produces preliminary drawings. The customer will then have an opportunity to make changes at no cost by speaking directly with the professional designer.

Once the preliminary drawings are approved, a set of  final drawings are produced. These are highly detailed construction plans of the entire structure, reaching from the ground beneath the foundation to the peak of the roof.

As soon as the final drawings are completed, and while the relevant municipal building department is working towards issuing the permits, our sawmill will be cutting the logs and preparing the EcoLog kit, so that it is ready to be delivered once permits are issued and the building contractor is ready to start their work.

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