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A Bit About Us

Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd. is a privately-owned, 100,000 acre sustainably managed forest, which strikes a balance between the day-to-day requirements of an operational business and the long-term mandate of sustainable resource use and conservation.

Over the past 50 years, the 100,000 acres of timberland owned and managed by Haliburton Forest have been transformed from a depleted timber estate into a thriving multi-use operation, which contributes economically and environmentally to the long-term stability of the surrounding rural community, while providing employment as well as environmental benefits to all of its stakeholders.

Haliburton Forest was the first forest in Canada to be certified as sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council and it continues to be certified today. Our customers benefit from the integrity of our operations by getting carefully crafted, environmentally conscious, economically priced log home kits. Their purchase directly supports the implementation of sustainable forest management in central Ontario.

For over 25 years, since our earliest prototype log buildings in 1993, EcoLog Homes has designed over 500 log home kits for customers across North America, with a high proportion of the Eastern hemlock grown in our carefully managed forests.

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History of EcoLog Homes

The origin of EcoLog Homes is an unhappy incident at Haliburton Forest, but one of those unhappy incidents that our foresters and sawmillers turned into an exciting opportunity. In July 1995, a tornado ripped through our property and knocked down nearly 5,000 acres of trees in just two minutes. It was an awful mess and we Haliburton Forest was left with a lot of timber to use up in a hurry.

While there was a market for our hardwoods, there was no market at that time for our Eastern hemlock. Rather than give up, Haliburton Forest decided to experiment, by turning the Eastern hemlock trees into square log timbers, then using those timber to form log structure for utility purposes.

Soon, visitors to Haliburton Forest were asking where they too could acquire these square timber log structures. Their requests were accommodated and EcoLog Homes was born.

We knew that Eastern hemlock had been used throughout the 19th century to build barns and we knew that many of the barns still standing had Eastern hemlock beams. We also know that Eastern hemlock is still the building material of choice in certain communities – and that it is often used to build underwater structures and docks. We also knew that hemlock – unlike spruce or pine – is the hardest of the softwoods and that it has a high tannin content, meaning it is naturally insect and rot resistant. 

So we have continued with our unique hemlock home tradition at EcoLog Homes, and we stand by our product and our wood of choice. One measure of our success is our long list of happy customers - and the other is the consistently high resale value of the cottages or houses constructed using the kits sold by EcoLog Homes.


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