EcoLog Log Homes - A New (old) Way to Build Sustainable Homes

EcoLog Homes, located in Ontario’s Haliburton Highlands, is a provider of hemlock log home kits. As much timber as our sustainability model allows is generated from the privately owned Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd., Canada’s first FSC certified, sustainable forest.

There is nothing like the warm ambience and enduring quality of a log home. EcoLog Homes combine traditional design features with state-of-the-art assembly techniques. They boast steep pitched roofs, spacious lofts and heavy timber construction. These are combined to meet modern engineering and energy requirements and still maintain time-honoured, traditional design features, providing that unique, unpretentious, log home appeal. EcoLog Homes are custom designed and green, yet affordable, comparable in price to conventional frame construction. 

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Picture of EcoLog Chinking

What’s Unique About the EcoLog Concept ?

The secret of EcoLog homes lies in their simplicity and roots in pioneer construction techniques.
The square timbers allow efficient production and construction and avoid many challenges faced by building with round logs. The resulting product is a traditional home, unpretentious and rustic, yet full of charm and appeal.


The EcoLog Advantage

EcoLog homes combine traditional construction and design techniques with modern applications, producing a home that will stand the test of time.

They represent a new style of log homes: EcoLog buildings are solid wood log homes, that differ from other log homes or timber frame structures in several ways:

  • The solid walls are constructed from 8" square timbers
  • Square timbers are much easier to produce and work with... this makes EcoLog homes very affordable
  • The "EcoLog Look" is derived from the combination of the alternating 2" insulation and chinking and 8" timbers, giving EcoLog buildings their unique and attractive, natural appearance, reminiscent of traditional square-log Northern European and Quebec style log homes
  • EcoLog sources most of its Eastern Hemlock from the Haliburton Forest, a pioneer in the field of sustainable forestry
  • Our trees are carefully selected and harvested from our privately-owned lands using leading-edge forestry management protocols